Modular panelled substations are able to guarantee a high degree of adaptability and flexibility. Thanks to their type of construction, they can be used in almost all situations, satisfying any specific engineering and operating need in a rational and efficient manner, so as to optimise as best as possible the dimensions and costs of the substation itself.

The prefabricated elements that make up the substation are transported individually and then assemble at the intended worksite. This modus operandi makes it possible to obtain the desired lengths and heights, with no constraint whatsoever; in fact, customised substations can be built in relation to the space available on site, to the interior distribution of the rooms and to the equipment layout.

The substations are supplied with all ENEL-approved accessories, such as doors and ventilation grilles made of fibreglass-reinforced polyester resin with degree of protection IP33

The current specification ENEL DG2092 requires the substation to be equipped with an air/ water-tight prefabricated foundation tank. This tank made of reinforced concrete, environmentally-friendly and “post-tensioned”, is designed to prevent water seeping in from the outside and transformer oil leaking out of from the inside, as this would pollute the surrounding soil. The tank offered by our company is equipped with a prefabricated floating floor made of reinforced cement, complete with eyelets and holes for the passage of cable duct, in accordance with the indications agreed upon with the Provider and the Client.

Holes are drilled in the perimeter walls of the tank for the entrance of the substation power supply cables. The holes are duly shaped and preset for the installation of an air/watertight cable gland system in a pre-assembled kit, type HRD200 or equivalent.

The system can be easily changed to allow maintenance to be carried out on it and to make it possible to add additional cables or pipes. In the absence of this air/watertight cable gland system, the prefabricated tank is supplied with a series of flanges for inlet pipes: these are closing elements made of high-density polyethylene, injection-moulded to obtain the highest resistance to distortion and to collisions.

The flanges guarantee perfect cylindrical cross-section of the holes and a smoother internal surface, so as to make it suited for the installation of air/watertight cable glands. The product fully complies with the requirements of specifications ENEL DG10061. The various elements used to assemble the prefabricated foundation tank are joined through the tensioning on site of steel strands, first positioning a special gasket that ensures a waterproof assembly.

The continuity between the internal ground mesh and the external one occurs through the steel connectors UNI EU-58 Section 40×20 inserted in the casting of the tank.

The structure is then finished by the book both internally and externally. The connecting joints of the various elements that make up the structure are stuccoed to prevent any water seepage, laying elastic sheaths made of a bituminous mixture so as to grant the structure a degree of protection IP33 pursuant to the standards CEI 70-1.

The panelled substation is assembled directly at the intended worksite by our personnel team. The substation is hoisted by means of a crane, the panels are position on the foundation plate; once the structure is completed, high-resistance silicone products are applied as needed.

The panelled substations made by our company bear the CE marking (EN13225, EN14991, EN14992)